The Law Office of Ricardo Bours

MapThe Law Office of Ricardo Bours was founded in 2005 and is located in Tucson, Arizona. Prior to the establishment of his U.S. office, Mr. Bours engaged in a wide variety of business and legal activities in Mexico for over two decades.

The Law Office of Ricardo Bours concentrates its practice in the areas of international law and Mexican and U.S. domestic law.

Mr. Bours practices Mexican commercial and real estate law primarily between the States of Arizona and Sonora and Baja California, Mexico, offering first-quality legal services with an emphasis on integrity, effective client communications, local knowledge, sound legal advice and transparency.

Ricardo BoursRicardo Bours has extensive experience helping U.S. clients acquire real estate in Mexico with comprehensive due diligence and scrupulous adherence to appropriate legal procedures. His office also represents U.S. clients with business interests in Mexico, providing them with expert legal advice, local contacts, and professional preparation of all necessary formal documentation. Mr. Bours' extensive knowledge of both Mexican and U.S. legal regimes, customs and practices makes it possible for his clients to conduct their business affairs in Mexico confidently, successfully and amicably.

The Law Office of Ricardo Bours offers a wide variety of services, including legal advice on foreign investment in Mexico, all types of international transactions, real estate acquisition and management, financing, agrarian law, collateral guarantees, entity formation, corporate law and the drafting, interpretation and enforcement of all varieties of civil and commercial contracts. The firm provides legal advice relating to litigation in the state and federal courts in Mexico, as well as general consulting in legal transactions among individuals, national and foreign entities and governmental agencies.

We also represent clients in the United States in all manner of felony and misdemeanor cases in the state and federal courts throughout Arizona. Our experience includes defending federal court matters such as illegal reentry, alien smuggling and narcotics-related offenses. We also represent clients in state courts related to DUI, domestic violence, traffic and other felony and misdemeanor offenses.

Our overall emphasis is to employ our legal experience, business expertise and cultural knowledge to better serve our clients and remove the discomfort, mystery and anxiety that comes with working in unfamiliar legal and business environments. We understand the importance of effective, honest, open and reliable communications relating to the applicable legal processes and the progress of our clients' legal matters. We always strive to provide the very highest standards of integrity, competence and diligence in the professional services we offer our clients to obtain the best possible results.