Practice Areas

International Law

  • Real Estate Law: Focus on rendering legal advice on acquisition, sale, mergers, subdivisions, development and promotion of real estate in private non-restricted property and agrarian ("Ejido") land; title searches, legal representation in closings either for sellers or buyers, feasibility studies for title companies, etc.
  • Financing and Warranty: Formation of mortgage, warranty trusts, pledges and other types of security instruments as well as drafting, interpreting and enforcing loan and commercial agreements.
  • Corporate Law: Focuses on the incorporation of entities, corporations, partnerships, under the existing Mexican and U.S. legal frame, as well as legal advice on the prevention and solution of conflicts derived from the operating of such entities either in Mexico or the U.S.
  • Contractual Law: Focuses on drafting civil, commercial and other type of contracts, as well as the interpretation and enforcement of such under Mexican and U.S. law.
  • Litigation: Before municipal, state and federal courts in Mexico regarding civil, commercial and administrative matters, including real estate ownership disputes, possession of properties, enforcing real estate purchase agreements, enforcing trust agreements, etc.
  • General Legal Advice: Implementation and enforcement of joint ventures and partnership agreements as well as other legal matters related to real estate closing costs and taxation in Mexico.

U.S. Domestic Law

Federal misdemeanor and felony matters:

  • Illegal entry and reentry.
  • Alien smuggling, bringing, transportation and aiding and abetting.
  • Drug conspiracy, transportation and possession.
  • Supervised release violations.
  • Representation of material witnesses.

State misdemeanor offenses:

  • DUI representation. Drug and alcohol related.
  • Domestic violence assault, disorderly conduct, criminal damage.
  • Contempt of court, violation of restriction orders.
  • Probation revocation.
  • Drug and paraphernalia possession.
  • Traffic and other misdemeanor matters.

Mexican law expert witness in the following areas:

  • Civil and family law.
  • Commercial and real estate law.
  • Constitutional law.